Sale of Bibles increases around the world during the pandemic

Sale of Bibles increases around the world during the pandemic

According to research by Lifeway Christian Resources, in 2020 the Bible increased its number of sales worldwide even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Also, a great scholar of Christian books identified that during the months of April and June 2020 the increase in sales of the Holy Scriptures was noticed.

Why an increase in the sale of the Bible in the midst of a pandemic? According to Lifeway CEO Ben Mandrell, this is because people in the midst of such a negative outlook tried to find hope through the Bible.

It is no coincidence that sales have increased, as it is normal that in terrible times people turn to the Bible more to find hope and a positive message.

He also identified that people buy the Bible because they understand that in this book they can find a God who does not leave us alone in difficult times, but can comfort us in the midst of situations that get out of hand.

An important fact to know is that in the year 2019, precisely in the month of January, sales of printed Bibles decreased, as people concentrated more on the Online Bible. But in 2020 that changed, seeing a 62 percent increase in sales in just one week.

Compared to 2019, Bible sales increased 60 percent.

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