Prayer asking for forgiveness

Prayer asking for forgiveness

Lord, I always cry out to You because I know that You hear my prayer, in the morning when I invoke Your name, because You are there to give breath to my spirit, that is why I come to You ready to praise Your Holy Name.

My spirit is strengthened when I go to You, that is why my heart rejoices when I cry out to You, I come to You every morning, every moment I offer my prayers before You, even when I fail You I go before You and You forgive me and You get me more stronger.

Oh Lord every day I am tempted by my enemy, but I trust You because You are the one who helps me to move forward, it is You Lord who guides my way.

Because of Your great mercy towards my life, because of Your enormous goodness and Your faithfulness, that is why I never tire of glorifying Your name, just as David prayed to You, who was humbled before You and prostrated with adoration. Let’s see some words that David spoke before our God:

For thy name’s sake, O Lord, pardon mine iniquity; for it is great.

Psalm 25:11

The psalmist David felt bad when he failed the Lord, so he went before the Lord imploring God’s forgiveness and direction.

For the psalmist nothing that was around him mattered, because he only wanted the Lord to forgive him for having disobeyed him and that is why his heart was in great distress.

So when you have a heavy heart, go before the Lord and pray a great prayer for God’s forgiveness and direction.

The woman who fears the Lord, that one will be praised
God is my help, so I will praise His name

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