To the Lord I will sing praises from the heart, because he has set me free

We are free and victorious, because the hand of the Lord sustains us day after day. Great are His works and His wonders remain for all ages. Amen.

Let us sing praises to our mighty God, let us sing to Him with great joy because the Lord has done us good, because His mercies are made new every day. God is with us.

Let us praise our God because He is holy, let us exalt Him from the heart with song and rejoicing because His greatness is forever, His wonders do not end and His works speak of how great our great and powerful God is. He is high and Sublime and all the nations bow down and sing His glorious name.

All peoples, all nations have been able to see the hands of God upon them, they have seen His manifest works and His might has defended the righteous. Who is our God? Only He is worthy of all worship that all people, language and nation, all kings and rulers praise His name forever.

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.

Psalm 145:3

In the previous verse we can see the statement in worship that the author makes in this verse. Our God is great and that is why we must not stop giving glory and homage, honoring His name throughout the centuries, since we were all created for the worship of His holy name.

Who is this that deserves all glory and praise? This is our God who dwells in the heights of heaven. The one who looks down from heaven, and whose great hands hold the world, the stars, the moon and the sun.

Let us contemplate the wonders of the Lord
The help of the righteous comes from God

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