Women’s Ministry will hold online conference

This is indeed the era of technology, and it is that we have been forced as the body of Christ to continue taking the Gospel through social networks, the place where most people live at the moment.

Certainly a medium like this cannot be wasted, and this is why many Christian congregations and producers have continued to bring Jesus through the networks in the midst of this pandemic that has taken us suddenly.

In 2020, given the circumstances that have been going through for months, Atitude Baptist Church has decided to hold its conference with the theme “Secret place” for free. It should be noted that this was the 4th edition of the event, which usually brings together a large number of women.

This event was scheduled for September 12 at 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon (Rio de Janeiro time). There they will be addressing issues about the approach that women should have with the Lord, and more at a time when a wave of distraction and entertainment covers our generation.

The event organizers described it like this:

Secret Place is an invitation to discover the revelation that exists when we seek God with intensity. There is a key that opens the heart of God, which is surrender.

The women invited have been: Ana Paula Valadão, Mari Rios, Viviane Martinello, Lu AloneRosana Alves, Marina Friesen, Maria Luquet, Flavia Arrais, Dani Vargas – Mari, Zoe Lilly, Angel Fernandes and Mowana Débora.

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