After the Pilgrim’s Crusade, the Dominican government takes measures in Puerto Plata

After the Pilgrim's Crusade, the Dominican government takes measures in Puerto Plata

A pilgrim dragged thousands of people in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, saying that God had told him to stick a cross into the waters of Puerto Plata, and that in this way the virus would stop from the following day. However, cases of contagion in the Dominican Republic were on the rise and it was expected to increase further for all the people who gathered in said crusade in violation of confinement.
After this, the Dominican government has spoken of implementing an “epidemiological cord” or rather taking preventive measures in this city where the crusade was carried out in which thousands of people (children, men, women) followed the pilgrim for about 18 kilometers.

The truth is that it was too late to make decisions on the part of the government, because, can you imagine all the possible contagions that started from this massive meeting? This is all part of people’s ignorance, since most of those gathered there believed in the words of this man, some even asked him to touch their head to be healthy.

It is not the first or the last time that we will see cases like this, we only need to ask God for mercy so that people know the truth of Christ and understand that there is hope and full life only in Jesus.

The help of the righteous comes from God
If we are from God, let us act with mercy

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