The Bible needs to be updated so that gay people won’t be condemned to the hell, says pastor

Do you imagine that the Bible is updated and distorted every time it is understood that there is something that does not suit us? Of course, this is an absurd question, but for some, these themes of “updating” the Bible, contradicting its infallibility as something normal.

Baptist pastor Ed René Kivitz, stressed during one of his sermons that the Bible needs to be updated so that gays stop being condemned to hell. René also calls himself a theologian.

René also spoke in a series called “Letters to a new world” and made many criticisms of some biblical texts, expressing that the word of God is not enough.

He highlighted:

I will repeat: look at the Bible as an insufficient Book, a Book that needs to be reread, reformulated, so that the principles of life that this Book contains, and that contains this revelation, that these principles of life, jump from these pages promoting liberation and Justice.

In short, René is a staunch activist in support of homosexuals, since that is his main theme, meaning that he understands that the Bible is a book that discriminates against homosexuals.

If we want to be letters to the new world, if the Church wants to be letters to the new world, we will need to update the Scriptures and we will have to do this update and have the courage to face gender sins.

It is regrettable to hear or read this kind of thing, to see how many turn away from the absolute truth that is the Bible, ending up entangled in the vanities of this world. May God have mercy on those who believe that the Bible is not enough.