They had everything at their reach and did not know the Savior

They had everything at their reach and did not know the Savior

What can we say about Jesus? He transcends the simplicity of us mortals, since in Him lies perfection itself, all wisdom, holiness. If we put everything “pure” in this world on one scale and on the other we put Jesus “only”, I assure you that all our purity would remain on the ground.

The Bible tells us in the book of John chapter 1 that Jesus, being God, came and humbled Himself, becoming a man, laying down His life for our present and future sins.

Do you know all the people who were able to walk alongside Jesus in this world? However, many of them, having everything at their fingertips, did not know their Savior, they did not know Jesus.

Oh friends, do you remember those who were walking with the risen Jesus Himself on the way to Emmaus? They walked with Jesus, but they didn’t know that He was Jesus.

Are we making the same mistake? Do we have everything within our grasp and yet we are not meeting our Savior? This is a question we must ask ourselves in that intimacy when we are alone with ourselves.

We live in a world where man is pending to fame, and this includes many within Christianity, who because they go after the wrong thing, having Jesus in front of them do not even have enough time to see Him.

Did you know that the high priest Caiaphas had Jesus Himself, the Savior of the world, before his eyes? However, he preferred to accuse the Master instead of following Him.

Let’s examine our lives, and find out if we are really seeing Jesus by our side.

With uprightness of heart, and with joy let us draw near to God
The faith and love that make us believe in the Lord

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