Franklin Graham asks to pray for President Trump

Franklin Graham asks to pray for President Trump

Presidential elections were held recently in the United States, and for some, including Donald Trump himself, they still do not declare themselves defeated, but instead allege that there was fraud.

Franklyn Graham, following a leadership similar to that of his father, his voice is always important on issues like these, and recently he said that the election is not over and that this must go to court.

He also called for continued prayers for President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, and the outcome of the elections. Franklyn Graham expressed the following:

So much hangs in the balance for our nation. My prayer is that we will have four more years of leadership that defends religious freedom, supports law and order, and is the most pro-life administration ever. This is not the time to give up or to stop asking for God’s help and mercy on this country. I hope that followers of the Lord Jesus Christ will join me in praying.

According to Sidney Powell, former prosecutor and current attorney for General Michael Flynn, and Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, a supercomputer known as “The Hammer” was used to carry out this alleged fraud, combined with a software called “Scorecard” to alter the 3% of votes sent from local voting offices to central counting systems.

Eric Trump, speaking in Philadelphia said:

This is a massive fraud. We will not stand here doing nothing.

Franklin Graham has asked all believers to continue to pray and defend Trump, as he has been the most pro-life president in all of history and has been an advocate for religious freedom.

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