“There is football in heaven and Jesus always wins” says supposed prophetess

There is football in heaven and Jesus always wins says supposed prophetess

Football in the heaven? Earthly things in the heaven? Football has not even belonged to theological discussions. But, there are always those people with strange thoughts that stand out, for example, Kat Kerr, a woman who calls herself a prophetess, who thinks that heaven is the home of cows, that it is a city made of jelly and that she once saw a football match in the heaven.

Also he said:

… By the way, they have sports in heaven because those people have gifts. But each sport is played for one person, and the winner in any of these sports is always Jesus Christ.

Kat said she was taken to a football game in heaven, explaining that every team that played, despite scoring goals, they all went to Jesus. She even said that Jesus had his own score in the game. She detailed:

So it’s a different way of playing, but the intensity and emotion are still there. All the angels, guardian angels, are in the stands making the wave. It’s crazy to think!

The truth is that football is not played in heaven and that every day we must take better care of this type of people who say they went to heaven and saw things that the Bible never mentions.

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