Man glorifies God after 71 days intern for COVID-19

Man glorifies God after 71 days intern for COVID-19

The recent “coronavirus” pandemic has been a global chaos, a terrifying thing for many people who lost their family members, and many have suffered enough to recover, but some of those who have seen the recovery have given thanks to God.

James Story, was hospitalized for 71 days for COVID-19 and was close to death, but now his process has become a testimony of life.

The musician James defined the first symptoms he had after being sent home for not having detected the disease:

I started having chills and a fever, went to the emergency room and they sent me home.

In the case of James, who is now elderly, the symptoms of the coronavirus worsened other of his organs, specifically his kidneys.

I had become septic. I started dialysis because my kidneys were failing and since then it has been much worse.

But, for those who love God, all things work together for good, which is why this disease was a reason to get closer to God:

I took advantage of the time I had to meditate and read the scriptures and get closer to God.

He concluded by saying:

Not only did a miracle happen to me, but also a miracle within each one of us. I know it was His grace and healing power that gave me a second chance. I don’t consider myself lucky. But I consider myself blessed.

Dear reader, may the testimony of James serve us as a breath of life to know that even that what is going wrong and is tormenting us, God can use it for good and bless us in a special way.

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