Goat walks on two legs and they say it is satan

Goat walks on two legs and they say it is satan

A video featuring a goat walking on two legs in India has gone viral and left the whole world stunned.

For many who saw what happened, they think that this is a presentation of satan, since according to them it is the representation of lucifer or bephomet, which is a half human and half goat creature. Because of this, many began to believe that this creature could be the reincarnation of satan.

It is also said that it is not a reason to be surprised, since last year exactly the same happened with a newborn goat that had two paralyzed legs.

Already many other videos have gone viral these days to implant terror in the masses and I think this is not something to fear. Rather, we should focus on what the Bible tells us would happen in these times and pay close attention to these thinks and ask God to help us in every moment.


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