Pleasant offering to You Lord

Pleasant offering to You Lord

The Lord is a blessing for each one of us and that is why we should give the best of ourselves, that when we give that offering to the Lord, it be from the heart and it be an extremely pleasant offering.

He is our powerful God, so we must thank Him for all that our God does with us and what He continues to do in our lives today. God is great, sublime, and powerful. Let us give an offering, an offering that perfumes His throne, that His name shine everywhere, that He be exalted forever for ever and ever.

Let us praise His name forever. Invincible God and Creator of all things, how can we not give the best to our Lord? Let us offer an offering that will fill His throne with praise.

And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the Lord had respect unto Abel and to his offering:

Genesis 4:4

In Genesis we find that when Abel went before God to give his offering, he offered the best of his sowing. Abel was a dedicated and wise man.

As people created by God, and that his infinite mercy is upon us every day, let us give the best to God, let us give a better offering just as Abel did.

Above all, let us not forget that if we have everything today, it is because God has allowed it, so let us give all the best that comes out of our hearts to God. Let us give each day a better offering pleasing to God.

His purposes are perfect
There are rewards for those who are faithful to God

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