There are rewards for those who are faithful to God

There are rewards for those who are faithful to God

Serving God without a doubt is a blessing that cannot be compared to any other. It is the most beautiful privilege that we have been granted, well, think about it for a moment, we could well be one of those people who do not serve God and who live a life of sin, however, God in His immense love has called us and we are serving Him and you know what? It is worth being faithful to that God.

There are many stories from the Bible that we can cite, of men who were faithful to God and who were rewarded for that faithfulness. There is the case of Joseph son of Jacob, who suffered a lot and yet, having an eye on the Lord, ended up second after Pharaoh of Egypt.

What other case can we mention? Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego, who preferred to be thrown into a fiery furnace for refusing to be unfaithful to their God. And they were rewarded for their faithfulness, for the Lord Himself delivered them from that furnace and they obtained privileges in Babylon.

Daniel, the one who preferred to be thrown into a den full of lions before denying his God, and obtained rewards for that faithfulness, because God freed him from the lions, and he was one of the lords of Babylon.

You know what? The greatest reward each of these men obtained was that God loved them.

Oh dear reader, despite the offers, proposals, pleasures, and everything that this world offers you, be faithful to the Lord, because in the end a crown awaits us that will not be corrupted.

Pleasant offering to You Lord
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