South African shepherd “frees” his limbs with alcohol

South African shepherd frees his limbs with alcohol

In social networks we can find a video where a man dressed as a clergyman, with his long robe, his red cap, dressed as a pope, anoints a man with alcohol in a tavern while everyone is drinking alcohol.

The man passed the chalice and said:

“As pope in the house of the lord, I declare you a new member in the house of the lord, which is the tavern. A holy church of God”.

While doing this ritual, everyone around was singing, dancing and drinking their beer bottles saying: Hallelujah!!

This is a South African sect that approves the consumption of alcohol after being anointed by its leader, unlike many other sects that totally deny the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

This church is called Gabola, which means “Drink” in the Tswana language. The founder of this church is a man named Tsietsi Makiti, who has proclaimed himself pope.

Tsietsi teaches that you have to be responsible when it comes to alcohol consumption, which can only be sold and blessed by those who are over 20 years of age.

This new church even belongs to any denomination, so it is not affiliated with the South African church association.

The leader of this church claims to have created such a congregation from the point of view of believers who consider those who sit to drink in taverns as sinners.

Here is a video where you can see the ceremony with beers:

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