Churches are trained to receive tithes online

Churches are trained to receive tithes online

Tithing is possibly the most contentious issue within the church. There are different interpretations on this issue and this causes a certain chaos to be created when debating. Despite this, modernity advances and for many it is time to bring the technology that we have had for a long time to the church.

On this occasion, in Argentina, Buenos Aires, training will be given by the Mercado Pago company next to the Cathedral of Faith so that people can deposite their tithes digitally.

Those in charge of these trainings will be the pastor Osvaldo Carnival and the accountant Martín Mateo. There will also be more guests: The sustainability manager, Nicolás Meyer and the analyst from the same department, Ángeles Castagnino.

They affirm that this is a great opportunity to get to know the Mercado Pago tool and start using it in the congregation.

They say that these new payments will have new benefits, noting that in this way the congregation will be able to contribute more simply and quickly both in face-to-face services and online.

They also highlighted that the congregation will be able to contribute at times outside of services, that is, 24/7.

They highlighted other benefits that would be more productive, such as the realization of funds for donations, etc.

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