Elijah resurrects a child

Elijah resurrects a child

Elijah was a man of God who did many feats that many doubted that he was a man of God, he was a man heard by God, the Lord answered Elijah’s call, God helped him in his difficulties.

In the first book of Kings we find a wonderful fact, it is a miracle from God through His prophet Elijah. This miracle brought great happiness to a mother who was distressed by the loss of her son:

22 And the Lord heard the voice of Elijah; and the soul of the child came into him again, and he revived.

23 And Elijah took the child, and brought him down out of the chamber into the house, and delivered him unto his mother: and Elijah said, See, thy son liveth.

24 And the woman said to Elijah, Now by this I know that thou art a man of God, and that the word of the Lord in thy mouth is truth.

1 Kings 17:22-24 (KJV)

In the previous verses we see that God heard the voice of Elijah, that is, Elijah had prayed for this young man to be raised from his bed. The child’s soul returned to him and revived, and happiness came with this great news for the mother of this child, who after death was able to return to life, thanks to the giver of life who is God.

Elijah took the boy, took him to the chamber of the house, and delivered him alive to his mother.

This woman, seeing the miracle of God, recognized that Elijah was a man of God and expressed “Now I know that you are a man of God, and that the word of the Lord is true in your mouth”.

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