Policemen pray on the streets for the death of George Floyd

Policemen pray on the streets for the death of George Floyd

In the middle of the coronavirus era, one of the coldest murders publicly perceived in recent years was committed. And all at the hands of a policeman, when he attacked the life of George Floyd, while the victim told him that he could not breathe.

George Floyd’s death has sparked protests, including celebrities who have participated in them.

There is also the Miami police, who knelt down at the time of the protests and apologized for the brutality that occurred with Floyd.

The case of George Floyd will be remembered forever, well, this was a cause of sadness not only in the United States, but throughout the world, and this is also an example of how the issue of racism has not been overcome.

The Miami policemen did something very brave by humiliating themselves and apologizing, because, as the saying goes, “they all pay for one”. This that happened with Floyd can change the vision of many about the authorities.

On the other hand, due to the protests, measures had to be taken, such as a curfew and even taking President Trump to an underground hiding place due to the protests outside the White House.

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