Normality will return when we all get vaccinated, says Bill Gates

As for the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many speculations that have been raised about some celebrities, such as the case of Bill Gates and the seal of the beast.

In a recent interview, Bill Gates said that the only salvation for humanity to return to normality is for all of us to be vaccinated.

The business magnate also spoke about how the recent pandemic has affected not only the economic but also the emotional part.

In addition to this, Gates also detailed that his research on the vaccine is progressing and such tests and medications may reach an ambitious goal.

There are many conspiracy theories about Bill Gates and one of them is about implanting a microchip in each person as recognition and the beginning of the new world order.

The truth is that Bill has never made such statements despite the fact that we see these publications on the internet as daily bread, he only sees an intention to eagerly get the vaccine to help many people.

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