Priest baptizes boy with water gun

In another article we talked about a priest who threw holy water to the faithful with a water pistol while they crossed in their vehicles. When we thought we had heard it all, the viral image of a priest appears baptizing a child in the same way:

The priest’s name is Stephen Klasek, who is complying with the rules of social distancing, since even he is seen with his mask.

This photo has already gone viral, but, at the same time, the truth behind it has also been revealed, and is that this is all about a montage, something organized, just for fun.

This happened at St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Manchester, and they answered the following about the image:

“The family had asked him to do this pose copied from various priest publications circulating on the Internet,” the church explained. “He [Father Klasek] agreed because he thought it was fun”.

They also specified that it was not holy water, but ordinary water, which was not sprinkled on the baby but on the father as a joke.

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