Priest sprinkles holy water with water pistol

This pandemic has unleashed many things, it has brought out the creative part of many people, it has made many who did not use social networks to preach, today make lives to transmit preaching through social networks.

But you have to be careful how far that creativity can go. Example, it is easy to continue preaching or singing through the internet, but what about those priests who sprinkle “holy water” on their faithful? How can they continue with this practice in full quarantine?

The answer would be to wait for all this to end. But it is not so easy for a priest named Timothy Pelc from Detroit, who, seeing that there was no way to spray holy water online, equipped himself with a “water pistol” in order to receive his faithfuls.

This priest followed the quarantine laws in an orderly manner (gloves, distance and face mask), since the faithful did not have contact with him, because they passed in their cars and he sprinkled “holy water” on them.

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