If we have His word in our hearts, we will live well

His Word must live in our hearts every day, although we are fainting we must keep it well, because by His Word we live, we are victorious.

Through His Word we know all that we are in the Lord, all we can do, how to overcome our adversary. All these things were accomplished through the blessing of His Word in our lives.

A wise man is one who recognizes the Word of God in his life, who acts under the will of God, who knows how to accept that without His Word we can do or achieve nothing. Let us remember that God is the one who guides us through His Most Holy Word. So, if we can achieve all of these, it is thanks to God.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Psalm 119:105

What can we say before these words spoken by this author, this man recognized that through the Word we are directed in all our ways, that if our path deviates at some point, God helps us to straighten it, so that we can walk along this illuminated path.

Let us recognize that only His Words are those that speak to us of God’s mercy, how good and wonderful God is, that when we are in full darkness, He comes to us to enlighten us with His eternal light, and with His Word He opens our understandings.

Pray to God that His Word will continue day after day teaching us the perfect will of God, because if we are obedient to it, we will not lack anything else, and our lives will be satisfied in its entirety, only God is the one who knows our thoughts and where we must go, He will always be our guide and refuge.

We cannot deny God's purpose in our lives
We are new creatures in Christ

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