Let the weak say, I am strong

I remember an activity in which I was several years ago, the person I was preaching said: “If you are weak, this place is not for you, you can leave”. I heared these words with indignation, because it is too arrogant to see how people think they are strong and that others are weak.

Being weak in the spiritual sense has a great advantage and that weakness leads us not to depend on ourselves or our own forces for battle, but on the forces of someone much more superior: Jesus Christ.

The Bible says:

Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruninghooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong.

Joel 3:10

“Let the weak say, I am strong”, and of course, in the Lord we are strong, rather than victorious, but this begins by recognizing that we are weak, that without God we could even get up or do something as simple as drinking a glass of water.

O beloved reader, we are weak before the Lord, we need Him, we cannot think that we are wise enough, rich enough or too strong, we must understand that in each of our facets we need a God, who is strong and powerful, which supplies forces to that who has none. That God, that even we being weak can be strong in Christ Jesus our Redeemer.

His grace helps us in all bad times
You can achieve great things through faith

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  1. The understanding of Joel 3:10 is wrong here.
    This verse refers to the enemies of God taking arms and going against God, believing in their own abilities that they can defeat God

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