7 Amazing Phrases by Charles Spurgeon

Charles Haddon Spurgeon is considered the prince of the preachers and it is also said that since the apostle Paul no other preacher has risen as Spurgeon was. He preached so many sermons that we would take more than a year reading a daily sermon by Spurgeon. In short, he was a preacher who became attached to the Scriptures and we pray to God to raise more and more men like him.Below we will show you a few sentences said by this man of God:

1- “Our first word must be with our heavenly father. It is good for the health of the soul to start the day with a satisfactory drink of the river of the water of life”.

2- “I could know all the doctrines of the Bible, but unless I know Christ, none of them could save me”.

3- “I am a poor sinner, and nothing else, but Jesus Christ is my everything in everything”.

4- “It is essential that we put into practice what we read in the word of God. The essence of the Christian faith lies in its practice, and therefore, Christians should be walking bibles of flesh and blood”.

5- “Tell all that God has done with you, but do not say anything about what you have done for God, do not promote applause, promote his glory”.

6- “Believing in the idea of a God is one thing, but believing God is a very different one”.

7- “We will not get tired of waiting on God, if we remember how long and with how much grace He waited for us”.

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