Introduction to the book of Habakkuk

Habakkuk, as some say, that he was one of the minor prophets, but we should not say that he was a less important prophet than Jeremiah for example, but that he wrote less, since this book consists of three chapters, but if we pay attention to all the book we will realize that it is bigger than we think.

Not much is known about the prophet Habakkuk, since there is no other book in the Bible that tells us about him. Habakkuk was noted for prophesying the destruction of Judah and the arrival of the Babylonian army over that city. In this book we will also see the prophet ask difficult questions to God and God answers them.

Habakkuk’s book begins directly with a complaint from the prophet, asking: How long, oh Lord, will I cry, and you will not hear; And I will give voices to you because of the violence, and you will not save? Undoubtedly with this question we realize that the nation of Judah was being corrupted and Habakkuk was afflicted and tired of seeing such corruption, even later we will see how he tells us about a revival he would like to see again, and that is why some they think that Habakkuk lived in the just reign of King Josiah (640 to 609 BC) and then this prophecy came after Josiah’s reign.

And this that he lived in the reign of Josiah may make sense, remember that in his reign there was a great revival, since it was precisely when the book of the law was found and everyone humbled and cried before God. He also made reforms in the temple of God by taking out the idols. So, in the reign of Josiah a great revival is described as the one Habakkuk describes and expresses his yearnings to return such revival to the people of Judah.

He had a heavy burden, since the content of his prophecy is the destruction of the people of Judah by the Chaldeans, since that was the way God would judge the wickedness of His people.

On the other hand, it is good that we also know the meaning of the name Habakkuk, which comes from the Hebrew verb “to embrace”, probably its name is translated as “The one who embraces”. And it is a good title, since when we study the entire book we will realize that the prophet holds great faith and firmness before God even in these difficult times.

Follow this section of the book of Habakkuk closely, as we will follow up on its three chapters, deepening its prophecies and ultimately hope that these words in one way or another can also echo in our lives.

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