The Word of God heals wounds and frees the spirit

The Word of our God gives us encouragement and strength, in it we know everything the Father wants us to do. His word supports us and helps us understand everything we didn’t understand before.

His Word heals our wounds when we find ourselves in difficult times when we can no longer, when our forces leave. That is why they give us encouragement because the Father speaks to us through them.

Remember that we are human and weak, but when we are weak, it is there that the Father will make us stronger.

He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

Only in the Lord can we heal our physical and emotional wounds. God is powerful and makes everything change. The previous verses tell us about the brokenhearted, the Lord heals all those who are in immense weakness.

Your wounds are bandaged by our healer God, He is a God who is always attentive and restores us and gives us new strength every day so that we can follow the straight path.

When the spirit is dejected, God comes in your help and lifts you up. That is why it is good that we read His Holy Word because in them we will know God more and more, because within this treasure we will find everything we need in our lives.

Let us leave the doubt and trust in God who is holy, real and true, all our trust must be placed in Him. When the doubt comes and visits us immediately we should leave it because it causes us to stop believing in the faithful and true Word of God.

His Word is the one that shows us the path that we really must walk, since through it we will know everything that we will find and in this way we can defend ourselves against everything that want to make us the war.

Looking unto Jesus, our Savior
Trusting God in hard times

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