Merciful and gracious is the Lord

We must seize time and seek the Lord at all times, do not despise the grace of God that is free and has no cost because Christ died on the cross of Calvary to be save us.

God is merciful and is a mercy that lasts forever, is eternal just as our God is. That is why all those who are under that mercy of God, should not miss it but rather make the most of it, glorifying God for that beautiful work with us.

The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy.

Psalm 103:8

As the verse just read says, our God is gracious, slow to anger and great in mercy, for the wrath of God will come at a time when many have grown tired of rejecting His mercy.

All that the Lord says is in His Word is good. God does not lie, in reality He has mercy on everyone, but remember that we must seek and approach Him, the Lord keeps His Word above all.

We must believe only Him, God and His faithful and true Words, great in goodness and mercy, which is upon us all His followers, those who seek Him, who walk in integrity.

It is better that we seek God and receive His mercy, before anger can come upon us, so we take advantage of this wonderful time where He has called us to follow Him and to learn His Words, because in this way we will know that God is the only kind, merciful and faithful God.

Do not bear false witness against your neighbor
Let's live for eternal things

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