God is great

The story of Job, one of my favorites in the Bible, because it shows the confidence of a man in a God who does as He pleases, of a man who was subject to weaknesses when He saw such terrible trials arrive in his life. And this is important, since the Bible begins by giving us a great curriculum of Job, but in the end it is not sought to exalt Job, but the greatness and power of God.

After all that Job lost, the Bible tells us that several of his friends went to give him certain words, among them is Elihu, who in chapter 36 of the book of Job exalts the greatness of God in the midst of Job’s terrible calamity .

Behold, God is mighty, and despiseth not any: he is mighty in strength and wisdom.

Job 36:5

God truly is great, and Elihu knew why he said it. We do not know how old this book is, as some scholars say it was the first book to be written. But regardless of this, we see throughout the Bible that God is really great.

God gave freedom to his people Israel from the midst of the people of Egypt, made them victorious by the red sea crossing in dry and none of their enemies could touch them, and in this same way the Bible tells us of many greatnesses more that the Father did to save His people from their enemies.

God is great, do you believe that?

The light of the body is the eye
Examine me, oh God, and know my heart

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