How should we love

Love towards others is not shown only with words, but also with deeds, making known that we are truly sons of God, because God is love, and everyone who practices love is of God.

He who is in the Lord does not feign the love of God, that love is true, never fails and remains forever. Everyone who is on these paths of truth, of goodness, will never feign the love of God.

There are many ways to show love for others, such as giving your help, and talking about the love so great that God has for all mankind, that everything can change in your life for the one who accepts God.

Let’s see what the Bible tells us about this love that we must demonstrate to others:

Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.

Romans 12:9

The letter of the apostle Paul to the Romans tells us of a great truth about love for others, this is because we know that many do not demonstrate this gesture, this is because if they do not have God, they cannot love, they cannot give love.

Everyone who is in Christ Jesus has love and a true love that goes beyond everything around us. To all those who have lived a bitter life, who have suffered a lot in life, we only have one that can offer them this love that remains forever. We as believers have this love, so let us give it to them who has not known the bearer of love which is God.

If you want to know Him, you just have to go before Him and ask Him to help you and give you that love that lasts forever and allows you to love all those you once despised. Only God can be your best solution, cast aside all evil and do good in the name of Jesus.

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