My portion is God

God must always be our portion, He is the one who sustains us all the time. He is the one who helps us and in moments of weakness strengthens us and fills us with His Word of life.

This portion should never be rejected because this is the One that will always keep us attentive to all the things that want to harm us. Let’s trust Him.

Sometimes we tend to faint, but instead of turning to God, we turn to mortals who will only listen to us and give us a wrong opinion of what they really want to know.

My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.

Psalm 73:26

It is good to hear some encouraging words at times when we are afflicted, when we can no longer, when even our flesh is dejected and our spirit faints.

Only God can send us that portion that makes us come back to ourselves, which helps us get up from and continue on the battlefield. That Rock that is God, our strength is, because there is not a person who goes before Him and He rejects Him. God does not reject a contrite and humiliated spirit, nor despise Him.

The psalmist always placed all His trust in the Lord, He was his refuge, although he had struggles and afflictions, yet he praised and glorified Him.

We must understand every day that if we do not put our soul and spirit in the hands of God, then we will not be safe, God is our strength and trust. Who else can we trust but Him?

A person under another person’s guard is not secure, but if they are under the trust and security of God, they will be more than sure. God is God and under Him we will not be insecure because He protects us and will give us His portion every day. If you are subject to the Rock of salvation that is God, then do not let go, because with Him you will remain safe in all your way.

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