Do everything with love

In life we tend to make mistakes that cause us pain and sadness, but if we are in God’s ways, all things here can change.

If we don’t have that love that comes from our Lord Jesus, we will always act badly and do all things without love. But even if we have problems or any kind of difficulties, let’s do everything right.

Let all that you do be done with love.

1 Corinthians 16:14

Everyone who does not have love will do things just for doing them and for the commitment they have to do it, when the Word teaches us otherwise, because the previous verse tells us that things must be done with love.

When we serve our neighbors we must do it with love, with patience, because in this way we show that we are good people and different from those who do things without love.

Jesus gave us His good gifts without we deserving them. This was because of His great love for humanity to surrender Himself so that we may pass from death to life, from darkness to light, and be heirs of the kingdom of heaven.

Let us be an example of this, do not despise doing all things with love, because thus the Lord commands us. 1 Corinthians 16:14 speaks to us very clearly: “Let all that you do be done with love”. This is how it should be.

The Apostle Paul was very clear in speaking. He told the Corinthians to be patient, good people, with mercy, and to do all the things they were to do with love.

In this chapter Paul is not only talking about earthly things, but he is also commanding all things to be done with love, that is, also spiritual things. Let’s not forget that we have to watch and pray because this way we can have the strength of our Lord to be able to move forward.

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