God is not deaf

Sweat runs through the skin of thousands of Israeli soldiers, they are confused, fear runs through their veins, bitterness and pain become part of their thoughts, they are simply in full despair, while one man, one warrior tries to intimidate the people of God with foolish words, having a certain pride that God is silent, that God does not respond. For this uncircumcised one seems that God is deaf and that He has forgotten His people.

However, at that time God gives once again to show His power, because He sends a young man to fight against that giant, who took this as a joke, because He did not imagine that God could use this young man to defeat him and thus glorify His name in the middle of the camp. God is not deaf!

Evil after evil, sickness, hate, enmity, corruption, infidelity; These are some of the words with which we can define this current world that is drifting, a world that forgets its Creator and presumes that it has everything, and presumes that if so many things happen it is because God is silent, because God He is deaf and has forgotten His creation.

In the Scriptures there are many men who could experience that God is not deaf, since God made them great feats and could testify that faithful and powerful is the One in whom they had placed their trust.

How many biblical testimonies can we talk about? God divided the red sea and His people passed dry and all their enemies perished there. They are innumerable, but in the following paragraph we will give you just some of the many examples.

In a battle of the Israelites God made rocks descend from the heavens upon their enemies. When King Nebuchadnezzar gave orders to worship a statue, there were three men who said they would not, were thrown into the furnace of fire and in the middle of the fire one appeared as the son of the gods and not even their clothes were burned.

My brothers, we serve a powerful God who is still speaking, who is still working miracles, who keeps His promises, who is awaiting us, and who knows what is the right time to work in us.

God is not deaf, He is ready to hear our prayers and supplications.

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