Being a Christian is more than…

They have taught us the false idea that we are all Christians and this because of the simple idea that those who teach such a thing live ignorant of the meaning of this great word. How can we be Christians and not fulfill or do as Christ and the apostles taught us? There is no kind of communion between these things.
They have taught us that to be truly Christian we must be the first to arrive at the church, the most solid tither of the church or perhaps a person without criteria, humble to the point of agreeing with any idea, no matter what it points against of the Scriptures.

We have been superficially taught that holiness is a garment and we have disguised it as religiosity with a little Pharisee ingredient.

We have come to resemble both the Scribes and Pharisees, who are very clean on the outside and forget the most important ingredients of Christianity: “Peace, love, holiness, joy, faith, hope, etc”.

We have been taught such shallow Christianity that we practice love head on, but we throw things on the backs of our brothers.

Christ taught something totally different and you can summarize all of Christianity¬†in this: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”.

The truth is that if we do not have the capacity to love our neighbor, the tithes, the offerings, the punctuality, and the supposed sanctity disguised as religiosity do not matter.

Jesus came to take you out of the darkness
The righteous and the sinners

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