The afflictions of the righteous

The Bible tells us a lot about affliction and the book of Psalms is an expert talking about these issues. David went through many tribulations, many times he felt abandoned by God, but he knew that God in whom he believed never departed from him and in the same way we have to believe that God accompanies us in all our tribulations and that when we see that He is far away is when He is closest to us.

The psalmist said:

19 The righteous person may have many troubles,
but the Lord delivers him from them all;

20 he protects all his bones,
not one of them will be broken.

21 Evil will slay the wicked;
the foes of the righteous will be condemned.

22 The Lord will rescue his servants;
no one who takes refuge in him will be condemned.

Psalm 34:19-22

The psalmist says: “The righteous person may have many troubles.” The question is: Why are them many? Well, they are many because we live in a world full of injustice, where evil is increasing, where humanity prefers evil rather than good, and in such a world it is difficult to live and this attracts multitudes of afflictions . And this is for us today, carrying this title of Christian makes us restrain ourselves from many things and of course, this brings many afflictions to our lives, but, best of all, the psalmist says that even though the righteous people have many afflictions, the Lord will deliver us of all of them.

God delivered many men of the Bible from great afflictions and that should serve as a consolation, that this same God is the same today and is there to free us from all our afflictions, regardless of the difficult time we are going through.

Whoever walks in integrity walks securely
Trust in the Lord

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13 comments on “The afflictions of the righteous

  1. I truly appreciate your encouragement with God’s words. I need wisdom and holy spirit in my to teach and me in everything.
    I’m challenges in my marriage.

  2. To start with, thank you Lord for giving me your words and promises, may your words and promises be unto me in Jesus mighty name. Amen.
    At the moment, I am facing so many afflictions but I believe that God is aware and therefore hence it please him to let it happen, glory be to him.
    When this message appears on my phone. I was in the middle of answering the call of nature ( Mastobating myself). When I saw it , I stopped. I believe that this message that comes to me got a purpose in my life. Thanks a lot for this lovely message.?

  3. I’ve been going to the affliction of bad dreams even after reading my bible and praying before going to bed I even play gospel music, but am encouraged by these words of encouragement that my God is with me and will never leave or forsake me, so I will put my trust and confidence in the God I serve and will not fear what man is planning against me. Hallelujah amen thank you lord.

  4. Thank you Jesus for another day Lord I have been dealing with afflictions I ask that you please help me with what I’m going through Amen.

  5. Dear lord I thank you for all your work you do as I call out to you during my really time of need for an place to live and my financial needs god I know you’re an on time god so I’m going to keep on being faithfully patience cause of my trust in you
    Amen .

  6. Thank you God for you know what I am going through Father God I ask that you remove anything that’s hendering me from getting close to you and father God I thank you for the many blessing you have given me a new job and a home with my family Thank you Amen

  7. Lord I thank you for every breath I take.I believe and know you are with me through all my afflictions.Give wisdom and courage to wait on you.May your WILL be done in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST your SON.πŸ™‚πŸ™

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