God will keep in complete peace the one who trust in Him

The Bible speaks to us a lot of times about trust, urges us to trust in God, and there is a verse that is well known to all of us that says: “Those who trust in God are like Mount Zion that stays forever.” Who can we trust more than God Himself?

The Bible says:

1 In that day this song will be sung in the land of Judah:

We have a strong city;
God makes salvation
its walls and ramparts.

2 Open the gates
that the righteous nation may enter,
the nation that keeps faith.

3 You will keep in perfect peace
those whose minds are steadfast,
because they trust in you.

Isaiah 26:1-3

God promised complete peace for those who trust in Him. It is true that we go through many situations on a daily basis, so it does not seem that we really have that peace that we long for. However, the apostle Paul tells us:

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:7

God gives us a peace that surpasses all understanding, this means that in the midst of all the situations that life presents to us, there is a peace, that we can not even define or express, because that peace transcends our finite knowledge. That peace that God gives us also produces in us a much higher level of trust, which makes us believe beyond the visible and the human.

The people of Israel did need this trust in God, in the midst of so much tempest for which they had been passing. In the same way, we also need that full confidence to be able to persevere in the Lord.

God invites us to trust in Him always, and that hope will never make us fall into shame, it is not like when we wait in someone, or when we wait for the charity that someone had promised us and in the end we do not see it, no! God is not like that, yes he has promised something, He fulfills it because He fulfills it. Let’s trust in God!

Do not fret because of those who are evil
The Lord is my helper

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12 comments on “God will keep in complete peace the one who trust in Him

  1. On the 26th of October last Friday my husband passed away he is now at rest from all the terrible pain from the cancer that he suffered for 10 months and through all of these months I have been learning to put my trust in the Lord more and more, it has been a very hard 10 months and God has been our strength and He never leaves us or nor for sakes us, He is worth all of our trust every day.

  2. And these is the peace of the Lord, i may have faith in him who started and finisher of my faith, believe in your second coming Jesus Christ the son of God. Amen

  3. I know that if I put all my trust in God without a douth He will see me though all my heart ache and pain. I love His Son because I know that he love me!!!!

  4. Father god I trust you love you, for all you have been doing for me and my family. And still doing. Thank you for mercy and strength.

  5. Father God I Put All My Trust in You! You Are So Worthy To Be Praise! Lord Thank You For Your Guidance! You Have Never Left Me Nor Forsaken Me! Thank You For Watching Over Me And My Family and For All Your Grace and Mercy! I Love You Lord! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen!!!

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