My help comes from the Lord

How good it is when our help comes from our Lord and Savior, because He is the only one who we must trust everything we have, our family always has to be placed in His hands and even our goods.

When our trust is fully placed in the Lord things will go well, but there are also times when things go wrong, if something we have to be clear is that the Lord will be our helper.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
where does my help come from?

Psalm 121:1

It is clear that the psalmist David had moments of anguish and difficulty, but something that characterized David, is that he was a God-fearing man and that he was always humiliated before the almighty God.

That is why when we have these moments of anguish we can call our God as the psalmist did, that regardless of the moment he called the Lord. He said that his help came from the Lord who made the heavens and the earth, we must know that our help will always come from the great and strong God. God is the one who strengthens us, gives us peace, frees us, feeds our spirit, and keeps us standing before all adversity that comes against us.

My help comes from the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 121:2

As I said before God was who created the heavens and the earth and all the other things that exist were created by Him. David always contemplated the beauty of the Creator, it is remarkable that the psalmist David thanked God for all that have done. Recall something very important and is that he never thought he would become king.

He will not let your foot slip—
he who watches over you will not slumber;

Psalm 121:3

Keep in mind that the Lord keeps us and sustains us in all bad moments. God will take care of us in valleys of shade, our feet will not slip, and we will never be alone, because He will take care of all the enemy’s ambush. He will be light in the midst of darkness.

He is our source of water of life, who sustains us, that’s why it’s good that when we feel bad in spirit we can go to Him alone, to the powerful God, who helps us overcome all adversity, God great and powerful and never has lost a battle, He always gives us the victory.

Trust in God, He is the strong rock in which we can trust everything we have, only trust in Him and everything will turn out well. God knows everything we need, sees everything that moves around us, and He strengthens us on the way so that we do not fall.

Keep me safe, my God, for in you I take refuge
We brought nothing into the world

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25 comments on “My help comes from the Lord

    1. I will put my trust in him even if it doesn’t work out the way I would have liked Fior God sees the whole picture

  1. Amen ,God gives me the spirit of trust and helps me to know that he is my only help and I have totally complete faith in him. Thank you God for your love and mercy to me in Jesus name amen.

  2. In you god I trust that you will continue to cover me and see me through all of battles that I’m going through so please god bless me right now for the home that I’m in need of as I call out on you Amen

  3. In you god I trust that you will continue to cover me and see me through all of my battles that I’m going through so please god bless me right now for the home that I’m in need of as I call out on you Amen

  4. Oh… Father of David I thank you for you always answer me when in trouble, you always give me light in darkness and your eyes are always at me. Father I really appreciate your presence in my life, it’s extremely good and enjoyable to have a Father like you. Amen and Amen.

  5. Thank you my Lord who has create this beautiful world, Thank you my Jesus who has showed us what is the love, patience, brave, Thank you Holy Ghost who has always protecting, healing us. I love you my Lord, Jesus, Holy Ghost so grateful for our past, present and future. Our life is in your hand your powerful hand my Father please help to people who has calls your wonderful name Father. In the name of Jesus heal this world and protect to all the people, family, friends, coworkers, especially children my Lord. Amen Amen Amen


  7. No matter what I have to praise him until the end cause everything possible through him even u are bad situation keep trust him he will be with you always, Hallelujah Amen.

  8. I thank you God for blessing and watching over me and everyone else surround me know that I’m always putting you first of the head of my life in your name and sake I continue to praise you Amen

  9. My God shall supply all of my need according to his riches in glory…praise god,the lord God all mighty know all of my need all I have to do is put my trust in him and not worry,worship and praise his holy name true all my battles and he will do the rest..I love you lord with all my heart and will serve you to the end..whether till death or the rapture. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Amen


  11. Amen, God I come to you today to ask you Lord for your mercy and grace and your healing hand my body ,my faith is in you Lord always and forever. I thank you God and ask this in Jesus name, amen

  12. The Lord God is my refuge and my help.
    I would be lost, desperate, in Satan’s hands without my Lord who loves me.
    He helps all people who go near him beseeching his protection in the evil day.
    The Lord is good and just, all mankind should be punished, but he is merciful.

    May his name be blessed and praised. Amen

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