What is impossible with man is possible with God

The human being is full of limitations, we can not achieve everything we want, even our own life is limited because one day we will die. Our thoughts are so limited that many times we can not understand the things of God, in short, many things are impossible for us, but the good news is that despite us having so many limitations and imperfections, we can rest on a perfect God to which there is nothing impossible.

Of course, when we say that nothing is impossible for God, this is demonstrated when we read the Bible, we realize all the miracles and great wonders that God has done through all time, and we can not fail to mention the more great wonder that God has done in us, which is the transformation of our hearts.

The Bible tells us a story well known to us, that of the rich young man, and that is where Jesus says that it is difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, so his disciples are impressed and pronounce the following words:

26 Those who heard this asked, โ€œWho then can be saved?โ€

27 Jesus replied, โ€œWhat is impossible with man is possible with God.โ€

Luke 18:26-27

In verse 27 we find the center of this article: “There is nothing impossible for God.” It is good that we understand this, grasped by the will of our Creator. For God there is nothing impossible, since He is Creator of everything, there is no difficult thing that God can not do, there are no obstacles that God can not overcome, there are no strongholds that God can not destroy.

Dear brother and friend, our God is strength in the day of anguish, is refuge in the most cruel tempest, is the strong indestructible rock, the Bible says that He is the strong of Israel, the mighty of Jacob, the true vine, the rose of Sharon, the rock that gave drink to the Israelites in the desert, the manna that descended from heaven, pillar of fire and column of clouds, the light of this world, the water that leaps to eternal life, the most impressive that has crossed this world, the faithful counselor, omnipotent God. And I assure you that in this simple paragraph I can not describe all the power of God, even, it would take me eternity of eternities and even then I could not describe His immense goodness and power. Glory to God!

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15 comments on “What is impossible with man is possible with God

  1. Asante kwa mungu alienivukisha ngambo mpya –canaan, sifa kwako e mungu ,nitie nguvu ya kukutumikia milele. Amen

  2. Keep leaning on our lord keep hold of him because he is keeping hold of us and nothing is impossible that God cant do for us!Amen

  3. God is great all the times. I’ve seen Him work miracles in my life. Praise be to the Creator of Heaven and Earth

  4. Indeed he is all mighty all powerful the one who make the impossibles possible and he is the God I serve praise his holy name.

  5. Amen,he is my Lord and savior there is no words that can describe how great and wonderful God is. he is to be praised for all eternity now and forever more

  6. What is impossible with man is possible with God
    That young rich man was admonished by Jesus; and our Saviour taught him about the way of salvation. And
    “Those who heard this asked, โ€˜Who then can be saved?โ€™
    Jesus replied, โ€˜What is impossible with man is possible with God.โ€™โ€
    Luke 18:26-27

    Yes, I understand also that only God is able and wants to save those who come near Him saying:
    “Jesus, have mercy on me a sinner”

    Faith in the Lord Jesus is the beginning of everyrhing. He was sent to this World for salvation of all who believe and recognize they have sinned against God and His holy Word.

    I suppose there are some believers reading these words that have experienced the power of God in their souls and bodies, so that they have seen; they have felt their spiritual state and how God’s love has worked in each of them.
    In me too, thanks to the Lord.

    May the name of God be glorified for his immense goodness toward us, sinners.

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