Almighty and unattainable God

It is remarkable that from time to time we have seen the hand of God working and restoring, in the times of the old testament we find different events that happened, some good and others bad, because many people followed the mandate of God, and others did not do it, then those who did not follow their statutes suffered the consequences.

those the Lord blesses will inherit the land,
but those he curses will be destroyed.

Psalm 37:22

We can say that the people who seek Him and who cling to that wonderful faith, God Himself helps them grow in Him.

This faith is what sustains us to wait for His promise, because the Lord Himself fulfills what He promises, although many do not believe to this great promise, but all who trust in Him believe that wonderful promise.

But one thing that has happened is that all the time, many people have received their payment and this is due to their evil, and that is why we hear many people say: “how is it that a God of mercy can destroy people”, but remember that this is because of their evil and because they do not want to get away from their evil ways.

The Lord makes firm the steps
of the one who delights in him;

Psalm 37:23

The Lord is always aware of everything we do, He looks at every step we take, God looks around and looks at everything we pay be good or bad, but the bad and the good have their reward, to each according to their works.

though he may stumble, he will not fall,
for the Lord upholds him with his hand.

Psalm 37:24

A person who carries the justice of God is saved by the Lord and will also take care of him and under his wings is secure, the Lord will hold you in His hands and when we fall we will not be prostrated and this is because our God will raise us up.

Every day that passes we must ask the Lord to guide us on our path, for when the enemy wants to attack us, He can come to our rescue and can defend us. Believe every day that the almighty Lord God will take care of us and help us to remain in Him.

The greatest commandment
He shields all who take refuge in Him

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8 comments on “Almighty and unattainable God

  1. God is like a steak pole holding upa tree many times i have been falling and he has held me up just like the tree he will never let us go we must keep faith in him praise him love him and others Amen!

  2. Dear Heavenly Father thanking you for this day, I will praise your name. You have kept me even when I didn’t know you were there for and I know you are here with me now in my present situation with my marriage guide me to make the right decision. This I give to you , You are my Shepard I shall not won’t or hurt . Healing is mine I will keep the Faith AMEN AMENπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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