The perfect plan

We all make plans in life, since they are strategies that we must use to carry out what we want, but, the point is that these plans often fail and we have to resort to making others, and so the human being goes through, making plans until you reach a perfect plan. 

However, God is not the same as us, when God has a plan it is because it works. God’s plans always go well, God does not need to make several plans to know which of them can do it, because God’s plans are perfect.

We all know the story of man in the garden of Eden, as Adam sinned and this brought with him all humanity, of course, in this situation it would be good to ask: What would be your plan to return the communion between God and man? Well, maybe we as men would take millions of years designing a plan for it and even then we would fail again and again, however, I reiterate again, God’s plans are perfect and in advance there was already a plan designed for us and we give glory to God for that.

Throughout the Old Testament we find that man lived making sacrifices to God for the forgiveness of sins. But, these sacrifices were not enough to satisfy divine justice, they were simply not perfect and a sacrifice was required that would end once and for all with sin, of course, God had that plan prepared.

The Bible says:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

In this verse the plan of redemption for humanity is summarized, that God loved us in such an unequaled way that He gave to the most valuable thing that He could have as a sacrifice for our sins. His love broke all barriers, looked at our condition as sinners, knowing that we would never reach Him, and sent His Son to die on a cross to satisfy His justice.

Thank God for that wonderful plan to save us, since we could not do it for ourselves.

Even the apostles were imperfect
God comforts us in all our troubles

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7 comments on “The perfect plan

  1. Yes I agree that the message from the above message are the real love gave To us so that we may have the closest relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and to see us As the heirs of the the Lord’s plan for to be able to get away from the temptation of Satan.

  2. Dit is de echte onvoorwaardelijke liefde die een mens niet begrijpt. Je moet dit ontvangen zonder het zelf in te vullen. Het is Zijn Genade ,Zijn plan voor jouw leven. De enigste en beste keus is dit te ontvangen en aan te nemen,dan ga je van duisternis in het licht van Jezus. Wow daar zijn geen woorden voor

  3. I stand broken before the cross and in Awe of God’s love for me and praise Him all day long for being my Saviour

  4. GOD sent his son to us so that we will have eternal life,So am now a child of God because of the fresh blood of our Lord Jesus,To God be all the glory, God richly bless you for your teachings Amen

  5. The perfect plan
    Since the moment God created man and women, He made them—and everything—for His glory, and no one has been able to frustrate his plans towards mankind. Although God knew they could rebel against Him, He gave them a free will, a perfect will which made it possible for Adam to be tempted by Satan—because Adam could decide between good and evil.
    A wise God like our God knew what would happen when creating a man with a free will.

    Afterwards, as we have learnt, the Creator carried out a perfect plan of salvation, which was announced in Genesis 3 after Adam and Eve had fallen into sin.

    The love of God for men and women is so great that He decided to save them from perdition, eternally separated of His presence, by the work of Jesus Christ, His beloved Son. The apostle John wrote in his gospel, chapter 3 verse 16:
    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    The enmity that originated at the beginning, caused by Adam, became friendship; and love towards the world was manifested through Jesus Christ, the lamb of God who died for those who receive Him in their hearts.

    May the Lord God be praised and worshipped for evermore.

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