How to love yourself according to the Bible

We can put our eyes in self-help phrases like “love yourself”, but too many Christians are able to love their neighbors and forgive all their sins, yet they do not feel able to apply the same mercy and grace to themselves. This is bad. Here are four things you need to do if you are not having mercy on yourself.

1. Knowing how much God loves you

The truth is that we can not love ourselves, but we can love ourselves in Christ, rejoicing in all that He has done for us on the cross and the fact that He now lives in us. God loved you so much, clothed you in Christ and looks at you as his saved, redeemed, made clean, new and complete child. Do not focus on yourself, but on Christ IN YOU.

2. Know what the Word of God says about you

Cut the negative thoughts with the inspiring and positive Word of God about you. Start the day with a devotional and write down the lists of Bible verses that reinforce God’s love for you. Download your lists every time you feel negative thoughts drag you and talk about you.

3. Memorize what the Word of God says about you

It is not enough to read the Word of God; We have to have in our hearts, minds and, what is more important: We need to be able to bring back with truth the lies of the devil and the Word of God is our sword when our thoughts are being afflicted. So get a list of biblical verses and memorize one each day.

4. Love others

So much negativity about ourselves disappears when we focus on the needs of others over our own needs. Ask God to show you who needs your help or your love today and be intentional about serving you where necessary. If we are making God and others happy, we will naturally feel good about ourselves.

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  1. Thank you Lord for loving me when I didn’t know how to love myself. Thank you father for loving me when everyone else didn’t. Thank you God for giving me the strength to loveing those who don’t love me.

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