Come to Jesus those who are weary and burdened

Are you tired and bowed down? Have you touched different doors and nobody answers you? For that there is a solution and it is found in Jesus, if you are tired and afflicted He is the perfect person to whom you can approach and find rest. The rest that Jesus offers us is not temporary, it is forever, unlike another rest that the world can offer to us.

Matthew 11:

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

This invitation is not targeted to a specific type of race, city or group of people, it is for any one that is weary and burdened .¿Can you imagine how many people are weary and burdened around the world? They are billions, and the wonderful thing about our Lord is that we do not have to take turns to be promptly attended, but He has space for all, has a place for all, we are not too many for Him, but He can attend all of us at the same time. What man on earth has the power to say such sublime words?

Something very significant is that He is not the only who calls for us, because politicians nowadays also call for us and do not fulfill their words, but Jesus calls us and promises us rest, and He does not lie to us, because faithful is He who has promised. Jesus has promised us that rest with the most beautiful words and we must trust in Him, because He is not a liar.

Sometimes we get desperate in the different problems we have and yes, everyone who is reading this article in one way or another feels tired and worked, because that is what he day to day bring to us, however, do not believe that we do not have where to go when we feel this way, because there is Jesus with his tender voice calling to everyone who is tired and worked, regardless of race, economic position or social status.

We invite you to trust in Jesus and to rest in Him, in whatever your situation you may be.

Saved by grace
The King has called for you

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5 comments on “Come to Jesus those who are weary and burdened

  1. Jesus says come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.
    The best thing is to surrender all our troubles to God. He is a great warrior, mighty in battle. Let us worship Him in truth

    1. Thank you Jesus. For taking our burdens. Our troubles. Our worries. Thank you for helping us in time of help and in rescuing .glory to you Lord Jesus and praises to you Amen.

  2. Come to Jesus, those who are weary and burdened
    We may find ourselves in desperate situations, either for personal or family reasons. The government can fail us; our mother or father can fail us; children or friends in whom we trust can fail us. All of them sometimes can fail to keep their promises: because they are not able to fulfill what they have promised, or they look for their own interests in the first place.

    There is anguish or pain in our souls, as a result of our sins. We know we must confess our sins to God in the name of Jesus to receive peace for our souls.

    The Lord Jesus says to us:
    “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
    (Matthew 11:28)

    The Lord Jesus Christ is ready to help us, to defend us in every bad situation we go through; and he is powerful to solve any problem in our lives, as well as to give us rest and, maybe, even a solution for it.

    If we believe in Him, we ought to go to Him and put before his throne all our difficulties and the pains we have—while, at the same time, accepting his Will, which always shall be just and merciful. He puts himself in our place and goes with us on the way. He loves us and wants the best for us.

    Let’s remember the words which we read in this article:
    “We invite you to trust in Jesus and to rest in Him, in whatever situation you may be.”

    In some way, he will help us in our worries and burdens if we spiritually speak with Him every day, and tell him our troubles

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