The mighty miracle of Jesus in our lives

Today we meet many people who do not believe that Jesus can free of any disease, but if we go to a few verses of the Bible we will find a number of miracles that Jesus did.

29 Now as they went out of Jericho, a great multitude followed Him. 

30 And behold, two blind men sitting by the road, when they heard that Jesus was passing by, cried out, saying, “Have mercy on us, O Lord, Son of David!”

31 Then the multitude warned them that they should be quiet; but they cried out all the more, saying, “Have mercy on us, O Lord, Son of David!”

32 So Jesus stood still and called them, and said, “What do you want Me to do for you?”

33 They said to Him, “Lord, that our eyes may be opened.” 

34 So Jesus had compassion and touched their eyes. And immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed Him.

Matthew 20: 29-34

Here the book of Matthew tells us that when Jesus left Jericho, a large crowd followed Him. He says that two blind men were sitting on the road, and when they heard that Jesus was passing by, they loudly began to shout the name of Jesus: “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!” And they never stopped saying “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!” making clear that they knew that Jesus was the deliverer, was the one who could heal them from their blindness.

These two blind men did not stop calling Jesus, and when they knew that Jesus stopped to listen to them, they were silent. And Jesus stopped, called them, and said to them: What do you want me to do to you? Then they asked to the Lord if their eyes could be opened. Then Jesus, pleased, touched their eyes, and said that they immediately received their sight.

But if we continue reading below it says: That they followed him, after their eyes were opened. Here we can see that these blind people had a great need, and was that their eyes could be opened by Jesus. Those men had faith and believed that that man named Jesus, could heal them of their disease.

The important thing that we can see from these men was that they followed Jesus, they did not stay in the place, but they wanted to continue with Jesus, because they saw that being with Jesus they could still have peace in their souls.

And these signs that Jesus did help us every day to continue trusting in Him, also to continue increasing our faith in the Lord, because it is good that we always trust, that the Lord can do everything and that nothing is impossible for Him. These two blind men never thought that they would receive their sight that day, but Jesus came into their lives that day, and these men changed their lives in such a way that they followed Jesus.

These men were not like those ten lepers, that being healed, only one was returned to give glory to God, but the other nine who received the miracle did not give glory to God.

It is good to be grateful to God, not because we receive a miracle, but because we give thanks to God for all the good and bad things that can come into our lives.

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21 comments on “The mighty miracle of Jesus in our lives

  1. I thank you Lord for all that you have done for my live and life of my mommy and those that love me

  2. Every day I thank God because of the he blessed me with work and life our family and friends

  3. I give thanks that God is in the small things. God is with us in all our troubles. I give thanks He is my place of refuge. Amen.

  4. I say thanks To god for everything he did in my life. Glory to the King of kings. For he is almighty. My life belongs To him. Amen.

  5. I thank God for another day he
    open my eyes to see a new day, and the blessings of my grandchildren

  6. I thank GOD for continuing to bless me with his breath of LIFE and standing by me through my trials and tribulations.

  7. I thank the almighty Lord for giving me the strength to live day by day and for all his blessings that he has giving me and my children thank you Lord Jesus my savior for being my deliver,my provider ,my healer my everything.

  8. Thank you My Lord, My God, for your continuing to guide my feet upon Your Path during my trials. I pray for strength to Overcome this world and Be with you Forever in The Shamayim.

  9. As a sinner, powerless peaple we always have to be grateful for every thing especial our life. May glory be to my God And his son Jesus. Amen

  10. Thank you our father God for what you have done in my children’s and grandchildren’s and my son law and my sister’s and brothers and nieces and nephews and others family’s members and friends and neighbors and church’s family’s and my life thank you God for all the bad things and my life because if it were no bad things in my life it’s would be no good things in my life and I will keep trust in you for all’s my needs and help and strengthen in the name of jesus I pray Amen

  11. Lord Jesus thank you for being at my side, I’m sorry that you have seen my sinful ways whilst being there for me. Thank you teacher, protector and deliverer. Thank you for the bad stuff and lord I rejoice in the knowledge that you love me . I ask in your holy name to guide me to your door for it is narrow. I can hear singing and praises the glory is yours amen

  12. The mighty miracle of Jesus in our lives
    “So Jesus stood still and called them, and said, “What do you want Me to do for you?”
    They said to Him, “Lord, that our eyes may be opened.”
    So Jesus had compassion and touched their eyes. And immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed Him.”
    Matthew 20: 32-34

    There is a lesson to learn from those two blind people who needed Jesus to be healed, and who shouted to Him.
    We can remember what our experience was on the day we heard about Jesus, the Saviour. Jesus is called David’s son according to Scripture.
    We realized we were God’s enemies, and we were warned about our need to be reconciled with Him. We were spiritually blind. And yet Jesus touched our souls, and our minds received light to understand the message, the good tidings that Jesus had given himself up for us and had died for us, so that we could become children of God.
    We shouted at Jesus to heal us: and and he did it! So we followed Jesus in order to learn of Him, and so that we can help others and please Him.

    If we believe we are sinners and if Jesus is our saviour, we certainly are blessed people; and it is good for us to follow Jesus and belong to his family.

    Let this be our prayer: that God would lead us by His Spirit, that He would increase our knowledge of Jesus, and that our lives may go on to perfection for God’s glory.

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