Churches of Brazil pray in front of hospitals for COVID-19 patients

A very nice gesture has been produced in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, and is that several Christian churches have joined the cause of praying outside each hospital for the people who are suffering from Covid-19.

The initiative comes from Pastor Fernando Henrique Silva, who serves in the Luz da Mahnã Assembly Church. This project consists of each church urging other churches to join this cause.

Pastor Silva has highlighted how other pastors in the area have joined this project, thus becoming a fundamental part of it, so that they have led prayers even in the rain.

He also affirmed that a moment like this is perfect for the church of Jesus Christ to act, since it is very easy to be within 4 walls, that it is time to leave the comfort and go out to show that the Church is relevant.

It is important to know that each of the participants in this movement are complying with health protocols.

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